Shoreline Community College

North Seattle, Washington

Why Choose Shoreline Community College?

Location. Shoreline is located in Seattle, Washington, in a safe, quiet neighborhood with direct bus access to downtown. Within minutes you are in the center of this exciting city on the northwest coast of the U.S. that is rich in cultural and outdoor activities. Seattle’s spectacular natural setting features emerald forests, snow-capped mountains, and beautiful Puget Sound, making it one of the best places to live in the United States.

Easy to transfer to university. Shoreline offers a two-year degree that makes it easy to transfer to university for the final two years of your bachelor’s degree. Shoreline is recognized for sending a high percentage of its graduates on to four-year universities, including the nearby University of Washington and Seattle University- as well as other nationally known universities. For the student who wishes to earn a bachelor’s degree at a U.S. university, a degree from Shoreline opens many doors.

Start college courses while you complete ESL. Shoreline offers a comprehensive ESL program that allows international students to take college classes while completing the higher levels of their ESL training. This unique combination of ESL and academic course work allows Shoreline international students to enter the U.S. educational system in a supportive environment. Shoreline faculty work together to ensure international student success.

Quality education at an affordable price. Shoreline Community College is well known for its excellent academic programs and dedicated professors. It is widely recognized as one of the region’s finest two-year colleges. Shoreline’s tuition is significantly lower than that of most U.S. universities, making it the affordable choice for quality U.S. higher education.

No TOEFL. Shoreline does not require international students to take the TOEFL examination. Instead, each Shoreline student is asked to take an ESL proficiency test upon arrival in the U.S. in order to be placed in the appropriate classes.

Programs of Study

Academic Transfer. Shoreline offers a two-year degree that makes it easy to transfer to university for the final two years of your bachelor’s degree. Widely recognized as a leading gateway to prestigious four-year universities such as the University of Washington and Seattle University, Shoreline will create exciting opportunities for your future.

Professional/Technical Education. For students interested in professional/technical training, Shoreline offers state-of-the-art programs in many of today’s most popular fields. These focused programs enable students to gain the professional skills they need to get a job after returning to their home country. Examples of our quality professional/technical programs includeÉ

Computer applications: This program will prepare you for a career in microcomputer support or sales. You will be skilled in business computer applications, operating systems, local area networks, systems analysis and design, as well as database and programming languages.

Music technology: The music technology program is designed to prepare you for a career in one of the several areas of concentration- audio engineering, performance, MIDI music production or merchandising.

Graphics and web design: You will learn to use computer software applications for graphic design, illustration, web design, and multimedia. Graduates of the graphic design option may find work in variety of settings including advertising agencies, public relations firms, and design studios.

The ESL program

Shoreline’s ESL program offers a challenging curriculum for highly motivated students planning to continue their education at Shoreline or other colleges and universities. The program enjoys an excellent reputation because of its exciting courses and experienced, dedicated faculty.

The ESL program helps students find the right class by offering a placement test. Most students place directly in the developmental courses, ESL 098, 099, or 100.

On to regular courses. After students complete ESL 100, they can take English 101 alongside U.S. students. English 101 a regular English course required for most degrees at Shoreline and other colleges and universities.

Listening and speaking course. Shoreline also offers an academic listening and speaking course, ESL 095, for students who need extra preparation before taking college classes.

Exciting content based approach. Shoreline’s ESL courses are integrated and content-based, which means that reading, writing, grammar, speaking, and listening are taught together as students study a specific content area such as world issues or cross-cultural communication. This lively approach has proven effective at helping students complete their degrees at Shoreline and transfer to other universities.

As Easy as 1-2-3!

  1. Begin your university-level studies at Shoreline. Save money with lower tuition costs. Begin your college life in a small, personal campus environment. Start to take college-level classes while you complete your ESL requirements without a TOEFL score.
  2. Complete a two-year degree. Your two years of education at Shoreline are the same as the first two years of a four-year university degree.
  3. Transfer and complete your bachelor’s degree. With your two-year degree from Shoreline, you are well prepared to transfer to the university of your choice. Recent Shoreline graduates have transferred to a number of excellent schools.

Getting Started

Applying to Shoreline is easy!

  1. Complete your application and send it to the International Programs Office at Shoreline Community College. Please include the following items: $35 application fee, high school or college transcripts, a financial statement, and a transfer eligibility form if you are currently studying in the United States.
  2. We will send you a letter regarding acceptance and an I-20 form, which you will use to obtain your student visa at a local U.S. embassy or consulate.
  3. You will choose a date (listed in the acceptance letter) to take your English and math placement tests.
  4. On the test date, we will assign you a registration appointment with an advisor. Test results be available to you during your advising appointment, and your advisor will assist you in choosing classes according to your goals and abilities.
  5. You will begin classes!

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