Safety in the U.S.

Tips for International Students You have made an important and exciting decision to study in the U.S and as you begin your planning to start your studies, there are some very important safety tips that will keep you safe. Despite what you may have heard or have seen, the U.S. is not a dangerous country, … Read more

Cultural Adjustment & Transitioning

“Culture is central to the experience of living overseas”. Although Robert Kohls, in his book Survival Kit for Overseas Living (4th ed. 2001), wrote, “for Americans planning to live and work abroad”, international students in the States certainly share similar experiences of cultural adjustments and transitioning while pursuing their studies. No matter how well the international students … Read more

The First Step: Getting Help in Your Country

Applying to study in the United States is not a simple process, but there are good resources available to help you understand what to do. The United States government provides education information centers in nearly every country, and there are also extensive Internet resources. Most U.S. higher education institutions and many schools operate their own … Read more

Basic Immigration Terminology

Academic Training – work, training or experience that is related to a J-1 student’s major of area of study. Academic training must be authorized by the RO/ARO for the school. Alien – any person who is not a citizen or national of the United States. Curricular Practical Training (CPT) – temporary employment for F-1 students in an internship … Read more


Which Tests Do You Need? The American system of education relies on various specialized or “standardized” tests, which students must take in order to apply to a particular university or program. These exams offer universities a common basis for comparison of applicants. Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) Nearly all international students whose … Read more

Common Questions about Colleges and Universities

When I ask questions about the application process in the U.S., people always respond by saying, “It depends on each college.” That is really frustrating. I’m not surprised you have gotten that response, because there is no “standard” procedure that U.S. colleges follow in the admissions process. You should study web sites and talk to … Read more

Which English Program is Best for You?

There are more than 1,000 intensive English programs in the United States. How can you choose the program that is best for you? Begin by thinking about these things: reason for learning English, program type, length of time for study, Program quality, location, housing, services, and cost. Reason for Learning English Some people want to … Read more

The American Education System

International students who come to the United States may wonder about their American classmates’ prior education. Due to its local variations, the American education system appears confusing. In addition, the structure and procedures at American universities differ somewhat from other systems, such as the British model.  This is a brief overview of the American school … Read more